The Guide To Erotic Spanking

Warming up properly is vital for a pleasurable sensual spanking. Begin with gentle smacks and work your way up to stronger whacks over time. It will cause the recipient’s body to produce endorphins, allowing them to relax and enjoy the treatment to the fullest. 

How can you tell whether your buttocks have warmed up and are ready to go again? Observe the skin colour after 1-2 minutes of mild spanking and rubbing: your green light will be a lovely shade of light pink. 

Pick a spanking method that suits you 

Spanking someone is defined as slapping a hand or a paddle against their booty. Spanking is a great way to add a dom/sub twist to your roleplay, introduce power play into your bedroom relationship, or add extra stimulation to your erotic adventure. There are numerous methods for administering a spanking. To begin, choose a position that feels natural to you. Roche recommends lying over someone’s lap on a bed for novices so that the spankee’s head is supported. If it’s more appealing, the receiver can also bend over a chair or stand against a wall. 
When your mate misbehaves, use this genuine leather oval-shaped punishment paddle with a rivet decorated handle that measures a 6 x 2-inch handle and 8 x 5.5 paddle body to administer full backside punishment! 


A whip or flogger’s many deliciously burning tails can brush against your skin and provide explosive pleasure. Flogging feels especially good in the back, bottom, and thighs. Flogging is a painful experience, so beginners should choose a flogger made of soft materials like fur or suede, with rounded tails.
Use the softer option to punish your lover!  We have this fantastic Suede Flogger, which is just the right type of punishment for your mate but isn’t as harsh as real leather. The overall length of this fantastic suede flogger is 30 inches, with the actual straps measuring 19′.5 inches. The advantage of this suede whip is that it has a softer touch than leather, making it more comfortable for the mate to stroke and use, while the handle is made of tightly wrapped red and black leather, ensuring a firm, secure grip! Flogging is fantastic with Naughty Possessions’ infinite collections! 


Ticklers are used to tickle and make your obedient partner feel sensations all over their body, as the name implies. They frequently come with a long rod so that they can be used from afar. You’ll get better results if you choose more sensitive spots. Keep in mind that if you use these for spanking, not the tickling tip, but the rod itself, you may experience some discomfort. When utilizing it, try to remember that. 
The body is a map with numerous hot spots that can respond quickly to light touch. Striking certain areas triggers a flood of sensations while touching others causes delirium. Finding them with a soft feather tickler is an adventure. Use this magnificent tickler to make the most out of your pleasure game. 


The whips’ slender tips provide piercing sensations that are superior to both spanking and flogging. For beginners, a riding crop would be an excellent choice because it is relatively safe and mild. A bullwhip is a different level of pain, with a thrilling sound and sharp “cutting” sensations against the skin that advanced users will find easier to handle. 
Use this chain whip and make your fantasies come true with Naughty Possessions’ wide range of whipping sex toys. This heavy chain whip has 5 tails, Handle 5.5 Inches x 1.5 inches, Tails 13 Inches. Browse more …. 

Devote Time and Resources to Aftercare 

The period following the sensual spanking is just as vital as the spanking itself. It’s time to unwind and savour the closeness of your relationship, to rejoice in your shared experience and trust. To bring beautiful feelings and heal the skin, kiss the painful areas and massage with cooling oils. 

What Is The Best Way To Spank? 

 To avoid internal organ trauma, don’t spank the area above the coccyx. The lower “meatiest” part of the bum is best for spanking. Soft and careful smacks are required for the tender zone under the buttocks. 

 How Long Should You Spank? 

The redder the bottom becomes, the harder and longer it is stimulated. Keep an eye out for the colour of the bum; it’ll give you a hint as to what to do next. 

Buttocks that are beige or even pale in colour are not yet ready for sex spanking. Warm the skin to stimulate circulation and increase sensitivity. The booty becomes well-massaged and ready for the main erotic spanking session once it has acquired the savoury rose colour. If you touch the pink bum, you’ll notice that it’s warmer than the rest of your body. The skin flushes to a solid red colour after intense stimulation and becomes extremely sensitive to touch. That’s the literal red light indicating that it’s time to take a break and care for your skin. 

Individual couples must figure out all of the intricacies of the delivery on their own through extensive communication. Of course, safety comes first, but timing is crucial. Spanking, according to Fulbright, “would be the kind of move that can ruin the mood!” if done incorrectly. However, once you’ve gotten your partner to where you want them, have a good time! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to spanking, and if it hurts too much — or too little — to be enjoyable, you must speak up! 

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