Sex Toys You Should Try If You Have Balls

Cheer up if you’re the proud owner of a fantastic pair of balls. Testicles are never given the credit they deserve when it comes to providing intense pleasure. A tiny layer of muscle covers your balls, and this muscle extends into your abdomen. This means that your cojones can intensify your orgasm and spread it throughout your entire body. Which person wouldn’t want that? 

Of course, when we play with our own balls, we must exercise greater caution because they are extremely delicate and contain a large number of sensory nerve endings with minimal protection. This is also the reason why they enjoy being played with so much. When perusing sex shops and websites, you’ll notice that there aren’t many toys for testicles and those that aren’t created specifically for the testicles. However, just because selections are limited does not imply there aren’t some excellent choices. 

How To Get Ready To Play With Your Balls

When it comes to testes, pain and pleasure are nearly identical. Different strokes for different people, as the saying goes. Some people prefer gentle handling of the balls, while others prefer more intense pressure, touching, pulling, sucking, and nibbling. 

Instead of using abrupt tugging or yanking, use moderate, continuous pulls to explore these sensations. It’s best to begin by tugging down on or fondling the balls while masturbating alone. Make sure you and your partner are both comfortable with what you’re going to do before you start playing ball. If things start to feel uncomfortable, communicate and create clear limits about what you want, and settle on a safe word. Swelling is a common side effect as things advance. Step on the brakes if the pain becomes too acute (or your balls turn a deep crimson or purple).

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

  1. Screaming O Hare Rechargeable Rabbit Cock Ring

A unique rechargeable double cock ring shaped like the iconic sex toy enjoyed and adored by women around the world. This rabbit cock ring hybrid is a win for both parties. Its flexible ears tingle and buzz all the way to their tips for targeted clitoral massage and its double ring design helps keep everything snug and in place. It’s ideal for couple sex. It can also be worn on its own to add a dash of intrigue to your day.

2. Oxballs Ballsling With Ballsplitter Cockring Black

It is unique in that it encases all of your junk and stimulates every inch of it, from the tip of your shaft to the bottom of the balls. The textured interior of the ring is designed to blend to your body for a snug fit as you stroke up and down. The toy can also be worn as a sheath for increased girth if desired.

3. Annex Clear Super Stretchy Erection Enhancer Cock Ring

This sturdy apparatus cradles your balls as if it were an experienced partner, grasping the base of your shaft and pushing it forward so it stands fully alert. This ring is extremely elastic and comfortable, yet it also exerts enough pressure on the balls to provide additional tension and feeling. The toy also has an indentation groove at the tip that allows you to comfortably urinate or ejaculate as a gesture of courtesy. 

4. Shots Rabbit Vibrating Cockring Black

features a bunny-shaped external stimulator that properly nestles into a female partner’s body for couples play, similar to the infamous Rabbit Vibrator. This device is unique in that it has two flexible rings: one that goes over the shaft and one that goes below the testicles. This ensures stability while also allowing the testes to better perceive the varied vibrations. 

5. Wireless Rockin Rabbit Vibrating Cockring

This incredibly flexible cock ring was created for both couples and solo use, delivering additional sensations on both the shaft and testicles to enhance masturbation. It’s entirely up to you how you wear the toy. It can, for example, be worn with either end on top of the shaft for vertical or horizontal stimulation, or it can be worn over the shaft/balls itself to stimulate the testicles. The toy is as malleable as the person who owns it. 

Whatever you do, don’t let your fear of going below the shaft stop you. After all, the testes are sexual organs, so have fun with them. 

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