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5 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Own

5 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Own. Sex and masturbation are both enjoyable and safe ways to alleviate tension, learn about your preferences, and discover the route to infinite pleasure anytime, anywhere. Using a toy will help you increase the strength and duration of your orgasms, explore the type of stimulation you want, or change […]

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Prostate Massage Guide

Prostate massagers are a kinky man’s best friend. Nowadays there’s less stigma attached to men experiencing anal gratification. It’s a personal sexual choice that requires little effort to achieving orgasm. Found a few inches inside the anus on the wall nearest to the stomach, it is described as the male G-spot or rather ‘P-spot’. The […]

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Men’s Strap On Penis Guide

Regardless if you are looking to add a few extra inches to your penis, or to combat erectile dysfunction, or simply to add a new dimension to sexual play, men’s strap-on penis toys are a great add-on to your sex toy box. With clitoral stimulators and double penetration designs available, you can transform your sexual experience […]

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Women Sex Toy Guide

The g-spot is the epicenter for some pretty powerful orgasms. However, many women have never had the opportunity to experience such explosive g-spot stimulated orgasms. The g-spot vibrator is a toy created to do exactly that – ensure that the g-spot experiences an intense sensation that will have your body responding with a powerful orgasmic release. There […]

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