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Male Sex Toys
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Sex Toy Guide for Men

Sex Toy Guide for Men – Regardless if you’re just curious or looking to buy your first toy, this Naughty Possessions  guide will shed some light on the main types of male sex toys and what it is that makes them so popular..

Sex toys are not just for women anymore. A man’s body responds just as well to various types of stimulation as woman’s. Plus, sex toys make wonderful ways to add variety and extra enjoyment whether you’re indulging in a solo session or having sex with a partner.

If sex toys are a brand new territory for you, the huge choice of styles can be overwhelming. With each design promising a different experience we’ll point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing an ideal first toy

Cock Rings

Oxballs Cocksling 2 Cock & Ball Ring

Most guys want to wows his lover with his huge, hard, impressive erection and he wants to last long enough to show them a seriously good time. Cock rings can help you do both. No little blue pill needed.

Cock rings fit around the base of the penis and/or the scrotum. Their purpose is to keep you strong and hard by trapping blood inside the penis. They not only help you last longer, but deliver some seriously toe-curling orgasms when you do eventually finish. There are also textured cock rings available for a sensual feeling, or vibrating cock rings that can take intercourse to the next level for both of you.

Masturbation Sleeve

Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack

If you’re wanting to make your solo sessions more exciting consider getting a masturbation sleeve (aka a Fleshlight). Also known as pocket pussies, masturbation sleeves are the best substitute for the real thing. Most are designed to closely mimic the feeling of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. You can use additional accessories like suction cups or holders to position the toy to your liking while you enjoy the feeling of pumping away.

Masturbation sleeves are great picks for men that are interested in becoming better lovers. They can help you keep your stamina in check if you’re going through a long dry spell. You can even use yours in tandem with a cock ring to really train yourself to last longer.

Stamina Value Pack

Prostate Massager

Rocks Off 7 Speed Butt Quiver Vibrator 

We know that a lot of men squirm at the mere mention of “butthole pleasures”, but hear us out. Your prostate is capable of bringing a new seriously pleasurable factor to the bedroom and it’s really too good for you to be missing out on. Yes, there’s a chance you might try it and not be into it, but you won’t know unless you give it a try.

Sex Toy Guide for Men – If you are curious, there are entire lines of toys that can help. There are prostate massagers and P-spot dildos that can make short work of not only finding it, but showing you how good it can feel when it’s stimulated. There are even combination toys that can go inside you and stimulate your sensitive perineal area at the same time. Check out our Anal Toys Guide for more information

Bullet Vibrator

3 Way Double Dolphin Blue Penis Vibe 

Vibrators are a fantastic way to stimulate sensitive body parts rich in nerve endings and male bodies have plenty of those. Lots of guys love the versatility of something smaller and less phallic like a bullet vibe.

Bullet vibes and pocket rockets aren’t meant for penetration. They’re all about surface stimulation. Try yours on the head of your penis, your shaft, your scrotum, or even your nipples. You can also bring it into the bedroom with a lover and make strategic use of it while you’re showing them a good time.

There’s no need to stop at the above suggestions when it comes to exploring the increasingly expansive world of male sex toys. Try some of the basics and use your newfound knowledge of what you like to zero in on other options you’ll love.

3 Way Double Dolphin Blue Penis

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