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Sex Swing Guide

Are there some positions you would love to experiment with but can’t because of your height or strength? Perhaps you’re just looking for something new in the bedroom. A sex swing guide can solve both of these problems. It’s time to give an all-new meaning to the term ‘swinger’!

What is a sex swing?

A sex swing guide, as the name may recommend, is a bit of mechanical assembly used to give you that great wild and weightless inclination during sex. A sex swing may rest on its own frame, install in your door frame or over the door, or it may install into your walls or ceiling if you desire a more permanent solution.

Much like a genuine swing, sex swings are made to be sturdy. Usually, the swings will have cushioned attachment underpins for your legs, or lower legs, or base, or from wherever you mean to swing, and be connected to substantially harder nylon lashes.

Unlike sex furniture, swings are easily laundered. Most detach so you can toss the seat part directly in the washing machine.

A perk is that the swings fold up to store in a small space neatly and discreetly.

Types of Sex Swings

There are three main types of sex swings

Sex Swing Stands – don’t need any additional equipment. The swing hangs from a stand, which can be folded or taken apart when you’re not using it. You’ll need enough space to set up the stand and swing. Get amazing offers on sex toys!


Door Sex Swing – Over-the-door sex swings hang over your door and require no permanent installation. One partner’s back rests against the door, which can add to comfort, but you won’t be able to spin or lean back to achieve certain angles. If your doors are hollow, over-the-door swings may not be the safest option. Free shipping on sex toys!


Hanging Sex Swing – It hangs from your ceiling and may require specific hardware and knowledge to hang it safely. But they’re convenient for people who frequently use their swings and want more versatility than over-the-door sex swings.

A swing is not only made as a way to get things moving, it can also be used to keep naughty sex partners in their place. In addition to helping you find the perfect position, it also provides a great option for those into BDSM who may desire using this for enjoying a fabulous fisting session or medical play scene.  It’s always a good idea to agree upon a safe word and discuss limits prior to getting started. See female sex toy collection!


Sex Swing Positions

You’ll probably want to experiment with new positions with this addition to the bedroom. Try out our swing play suggestions to get you going!

The Embrace

One of the Kama Sutra’s most popular positions, with the man holding the woman standing up as he penetrates. It’s the kind of position you see in films but is often difficult to achieve, especially for a prolonged period of time. The weightlessness created by a sex swing guide enables you to enjoy this, and many other positions, confidently and comfortably. Visit our adult lifestyle collection!

Missionary with a Difference

Sit her in the swing with her legs spread apart, use the stirrups for support. As he penetrates the rocking movement will literally rock her world, making each thrust deeper and stronger than before.

Doggy Style

While the woman bends over the swing face-down, the man can penetrate either vaginally or anally. Again, the swing’s motion will enable deeper, stronger thrusting.

If you prefer female penetration, this position is excellent for those using a strap-on sex toy. If you don’t already own this type of toy, you can click the link to our strap-on section to discover what’s on offer!

Oral Sex

As he sits in the swing, you can hold his thighs for control. Gently push him backward and forwards as you perform the blow job, letting him set the pace and swing to climax heaven. Get offers and free shipping!

When it’s her turn, put her feet in the stirrups and let her lean backward as she holds onto the handles for support. She’ll lean back into complete bliss.


As one partner lies down facing upwards, the other lays across the swing face down above them. Take advantage of your weightlessness and gently swing as you give each other oral sex sixty-nine style. Get amazing offers on sex toys!


Simply lie on your back or front with your feet in the supports, swinging backward and forwards as you indulge in solo play.

For an extra dimension of pleasure, you can also attach a suction cup dildo to the wall. As you swing, you’ll love the deeper penetration your sex toys can offer!

Whatever your favorite position, sex swings will bring your sex life to new heights, just ensure sure to use plenty of lube to ensure swinging satisfaction.


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