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Prostate Massage Guide

Prostate massagers are a kinky man’s best friend. Nowadays there’s less stigma attached to men experiencing anal gratification. It’s a personal sexual choice that requires little effort to achieving orgasm.

Found a few inches inside the anus on the wall nearest to the stomach, it is described as the male G-spot or rather ‘P-spot’. The prostate is a super sensitive and an incredible epicenter of pleasure. Massaging the prostate can lead to explosive full-body orgasms and even multiple climaxes. Prostate massagers not only help with stimulating this sensitive area but there’re also health rewards to be had from understanding the prostrate. Our Prostate Massage Guide is here to help you get started…

What are prostate massagers?

A prostate massager is a sex toy that’s specifically tailored to stimulate the prostate gland or P-spot.

Most prostate massagers will have a tapered tip for easy insertion and a round head to ensure stimulation in the right spot. With wireless remote control, you can seamlessly enjoy the sensations of vibration. You can also buy p-spot massagers with an external stimulator to give added attention to the perineum, the very sensitive area between the anus and the scrotum.

Sexual Benefits

You may not know that over a third of the penis is inside the body, so stimulating the prostate delivers moan-inducing satisfaction all the way down to the tip of the penis. Regular attention to the p-spot will also allow for stronger erections, intensified orgasms, and increased stamina. With a little practice, a lot of men report orgasms from p-spot stimulation alone and even multiple climaxes without ejaculation. Also visit our latest sex toy collection!

Health Benefits

Massaging this gland is important as it will encourage fresh blood flow and help keep your sexual health in tip-top condition. Medical professionals and other health experts say that massaging your prostrate can actually aid in preventing diseases related to the male sexual organs.  The prostate helps with ejaculation and stores semen which, if not properly released, can become stagnant. The regular ‘flushing’ of this sensitive gland (often known as milking) reduces harmful bacteria from building up. Grab great deals on toys with free delivery!

By paying attention to this secret spot, you’ll be able to pick up any abnormalities which could mean early detection of prostate cancer. It has also said that regular prostate massage can reduce the risk of developing illnesses like prostatitis and can relieve erectile dysfunction.

Finding the P-Spot

Finding the P-spot isn’t that difficult, but pleasuring it can take some practice. Take the time to find what works for you; some men prefer to use their fingers while others prefer toys. The one important rule for any anal play is to apply the lube. Both to yourself and your toy for easy, pain-free play.

To reach the prostate, you should choose a relaxed position. Preferably either laying on your back with your legs raised or bent over on all fours. Go slow initially to give your body time to warm up to the new sensation. There’re two main motions for prostate stimulation. The first, circular rubbing, which is better for first-timers and involves moving the finger or toy in circles around the outside of the gland – makes a mental note of which areas feel especially nice. If you feel comfortable, increase the pressure to get more climax-inducing sensations. The second movement- an up and down motion- will give you more rapid and intense pleasure.

With experience and practice, you may be able to achieve a hands-free orgasm, simply clench and release your muscles to let the toy move with your body. The most important thing to remember is to go slowly and experiment. If the first toy you try doesn’t do it for you, don’t give up. Everyone is different and you will be able to find the correct fit for you.

If you’re in a relationship with a woman, you might also want to experiment with ‘pegging’ this is where your partner wears a strap on with a small curved dildo aimed to hit your prostate.

Sex Toys For Prostate Massagers

Any sex toy used anally can hit your prostate, but when first starting out most men will want to try a toy specifically designed to reach this sensitive p-spot zone.

If you want to experiment with prostate sex toys, the range of options is vast. There are tapered, straight, bulbous and vibrating options to pick from- all producing a slightly different sensation.

As a beginner, a simple, tapered design with a curved tip will make both insertions and finding the P-spot easier. Once you’re a little bit more experienced you can try a thicker massager to hit the spot and give you an intense feeling of fullness.

Likewise, with the butt-centric play of any sort it’s fundamental you’re readied, so make sure to load up on your #1 lube.

7 Things you might feel during a prostrate massage:

  1. Burning, itching, irritation. (This is probably down to the type of lube your using)
  2. An erection or no erection – either is fine
  3. Need to urinate or poo
  4. Intense pressure or need to ejaculate
  5. Waves of pleasure
  6. The full-body multiple orgasms
  7. Shortness of breath, wobbly legs, or drain

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