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Anal Lubricants


Because the anus is not a self-lubricating opening, caution should be exercise while entering a sex toy or penis. Naughty Possessions has a vast selection of anal lubes to suit any requirement. Our water-base lubes are suitable for use with all sorts of sex toys as well as for general lubrication. Massage a large quantity onto the anus to heighten feelings and improve sex. Naughty Possessions has best Lubes For Anal Sex.

Some lubes include numbing chemicals like benzocaine to aid relaxation, while others have a very thick composition that eliminates the need for reapplication. Try a heavy silicone-base lubricant if you want the hottest and wettest anal sensation possible. These safe lubes for anal sex can be use with glass, metal, plastic, and ceramic toys, however they are not suited for silicone toys. Silicone and water-base lubricants both help you last longer and remain slicker, and they’re also safe to use with all condom kinds.

Are you new to anal sex? Our kits are a fantastic place to start, and they include advice on how to have the most enjoyable anal play. To make anal sex as pleasurable and comfortable as possible, remember to be calm, move gently, and keep effective discussion with your partner.

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