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Use a bondage spanker to swat your submissive mate or to stimulate them with a teasing slap. This assortment of paddles, riding crops, ticklers, and other items will help you get your love life in shape. If you’re having a BDSM session, don’t forget to bring fetish apparel and bondage equipment. Our fetish whip products for sex are now on sale! 

Become pro at spanking 

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced spanker, you’ll discover the ideal instrument to enforce your rules! These can control even the worst behaviour, from soft and teasing fur to leather whips that provide a hard butt-kicking. Read our Flogger Buying Guide if you want to learn more about Kinky Sex Whips.

We have it all!

Naughty Possessions is the place to go if you’re looking for the most sensual BDSM bondage whips available online. We have a large assortment of BDSM leather whips to tempt you, including flogs, crops, and cat’s nine tails type whips, among others.

Whether you’re just getting started with BDSM bondage whip play or wanting something more intense, you’ll find the excellent quality you desire at a price you can afford here. Browse more of our sexual whips accessories for sale!

Choose from a wide range 

The exceptional line-up available here is available in several; colour palettes and sexy designs, ensuring that you can always discover the perfect BDSM leather whips to satisfy your wildest dreams. If you want to make your experience with your BDSM whips even hotter, check out our extensive selection of sex toys and fetish apparel.

Extensive & Personalized Selection

Bondage restraints, BDSM hoods, and sex toys like dildos, nipple clamps, butt plus, cock and ball toys, and anal beads can be used to complement your new whip, or you can add to the erotic experience with bondage restraints, BDSM hoods, and sex toys like dildos, nipple clamps, butt plus, cock and ball toys Take a peek around our well-stocked online store to bring your hottest fantasies to reality! Check out our fetish whip products for sex are now on sale!

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