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Gags and Bits


Put a gag order in for your mate with a variety of traditional and innovative gags! Make sure your bratty sub can’t talk back by muffling their groans and suffocating their shouts. When you still need access to their mouth, use a ring gag, spider gag, or open-mouth gag. Choose from a dildo gag or an inflatable gag to create a throat slave with no gag reaction! If you don’t mind gagging…

Your Ultimate Gag

Any BDSM toy collection should include a classic ball gag or bit gag. There are few things better than a girl or boy slave who is chained and gagged. Have your way with their body once you’ve silenced your plaything with the ultimate gag! Check out our Sexual Gags Products for sale and browse more for exciting discounts. 

Ideal for BDSM newcomers

Small, medium and large interchangeable breathable balls are included with the Fetish Fantasy Series Ball Gag Training System. The little ball is popular with people who have small bite sizes, and BDSM newcomers find the variety less intimidating than a one-size-fits-all option. Also includes a blindfold as a bonus, because blindfolds are so much fun.

Kink-friendly items 

Here at Naughty Possession buy bondage ball gags online at an affordable rate, our wide ranges from unbranded sexual gag products to premium quality top reviewed brands. Try the Ouch! if you want something simpler. With this no-nonsense 4-cm ball, silence sounds and punish oral misbehaviour. All of our ball gags and mouth restraints are fantastic additions to any kink-friendly sex toy collection.

You don’t know what you’re missing unless you’ve tried it. It’s worth a shot. What are the chances? It might be the most enjoyable experience you’ve ever had putting something in your mouth. Look through our whole catalogue to find your new favourite ball gag. Also, there are exciting discounts available on the  Sexual Gags Products for sale section and orders above Gag With Smile Hooks £50 for free shipping.

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