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Vac-U-Lock with a huge, amazingly lifelike dildo-nozzle Stryker in its natural state. This dildo is strong and sturdy while also being delicate and pleasant to the touch, producing the most authentic feelings and a genuine sense of real contact. It should be in every woman’s life since it is enormous, attractive, and contains a wonderful pleasure in itself. Special Vaculock Sex System Attachments are include, but they can also be use on their own.

Hygiene and care:

Wash the toy in warm water with antibacterial soap before and after use. You can also use special bactericidal sprays for intimate goods to treat it. Water and silicone-base lubricants are compatible.

Manufacturer information:

Doc Johnson is an American firm that was create in 1976 and is a top maker of adult toys all over the world. He creates toys for both men and women, and each year, the company raises the standard for product diversity and excellence. Doc Johnson was the first to create the viral gadget Internet Rabbit, a rabbit vibrator dub a cybersex breakthrough.

Vaculock Sex System Attachments are available in the following categories. For these attachments, you’ll need to purchase a Vac-u-Lock harness if you don’t already have one.

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