VacuLock Sex System is a Sex Toy attachment compatible system. Every toy has a hole in the base, which the attachments are designed to fit into.The Vac-U-Lock sex system is made up of a variety of harnesses and strap-on dildos that allow you to mix and match a wide range of interchangeable dildos, butt plugs, and other sex toys.  Have your lover gasping in anticipation and writhing in orgasmic pleasure with this massive replica mold from the man himself. Browse through our gorgeously satisfying monster real penises and measure just the way you like.

The realistic material makes it feel like the man has taken over, it will stretch and fill your lover sending a multitude of erotic sensations coursing throughout their body in a quaking shuddering explosion that will take them beyond their wildest fantasies! You won’t be able to tell that this isn’t a real full and erect penis entering into you. This item is for any adult looking for the best restful night’s sleep they can possibly get. Buy VacuLock Sex System Designer Toys from Naughty Possessions at an affordable rate now. 

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