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Tantus Unisex Suction Sex Toys are small, mission-driven sexual health company dedicate to creating body-safe, high-quality products for everyone. We believe in the importance of education, activism, and community service.


Browse our Silk Medium Dildo in Purple Haze which is a medium and perfect fit for first-time anal pleasure-seekers; a softly round tip fits snugly and easily into the anal hole, gradually expanding it to the Silks’ biggest point, which remains true all the way down to a huge, safe, harness compatible circular base.


The Silk’s naturally forward-reaching curve readily targets desire places, and as it does, the velvety yet precise silicone warms swiftly and naturally to body warmth. Or have a look at one of our best-seller which is the most perfect paddle possible for anyone who loves the silky, flexibly swishy feel of silicone, Tantus’s Plunge Premium flicks and licks with soft and (if your partner is into it) stinging precision.


Classic in shape, the Plunge features a rectangular contact area with lots of flat, spank-ready surface smoothness to play with. A firmer silicone handle makes for extra controlled movement and flips the paddle with minimal movement require on the holder’s part.

Eco friendly

Tantus’s signature silicone is hypoallergenic, eco friendly and non-toxic. The Plunge Premium Silicone Paddle can be easily clean using warm soapy water or a good toy cleaner, but it can also be boil, bleach or run through the dishwasher. 

Body-safe Features

Tantus’ high medical grade silicone is renown for its incredibly sanitary, 100 per cent body-safe features; Furthermore, not only is the silicone itself hypoallergenic, but the color pigmentation is as well.


The Silk is odorless, tasteless, and additive-free, and the nonporous surface is extremely sanitary, able to be boil, bleach, or thoroughly sterilize in the dishwasher.

High Quality

To pleasure with the Silk, always use a high-quality water-base lubricant; silicone formulae, as well as contact with other silicone and soft toy materials, should be avoid. Browse from Black Silicone Tantus Sex Toys or Tantus Unisex Suction Sex Toys etc. Buy Tantus Sex Toys at the most affordable rate now ! 

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