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Natural and Regular


It only takes a few seconds to roll down the penis before intercourse to make a lifespan of benefit in preventing STDs. Textured condoms provide a lovely ribbed or bumpy feel to them; use them on a dildo to keep it clean while adding texture. Natural and Regular Condoms are safe for oral sex and feature a pleasant lubricating covering.

With our selection of condoms, you may practice safe sex and improve your romantic time. Changing your perspective on condoms and what they can accomplish these days can really improve sex.

Safe sex is as vital as it has always been. Use one of our brand name condom packets to protect yourself and your companion. We have 3 pack and 12 pack options, as well as a range of textures and features that make sex more enjoyable (and safer!) Best natural condoms in UK are available here! Buy Male Condoms Online here at Naughty Possessions.

Condoms with studs and ribs are always popular since the texture adds to the pleasure. Both couples feel the strong ridges built into the latex surface during intimate thrusting, and the massaging sensation has a superb orgasmic effect as you move. Thin condoms are just as safe as bulky condoms, thanks to scientific breakthroughs. Here at Naughty Possessions Buy Natural Latex Condoms at an affordable price.

Some include unique lubricants, such as warming or flavored lube, that add a wonderful variation to standard sexual sessions. Flavored condoms are ideal for oral intercourse because they hide the taste of sperm and latex. Others have internal desensitizing lube to help guys with early ejaculation. Don’t worry, the desensitizer is only on the inside; your partner will still be able to feel every exquisite movement, and sex will be improved because you won’t come as rapidly.

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