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Feelztoys’ panty vibe is incredibly fun to wear! The elegant and inconspicuous vibrator takes you on a journey. Or, to put it another way, you can take the vibrator with you on an excursion. Because this vibrator fits neatly in your pants and comes with remote control, you may entirely delegate control to someone else. Take, for example, your partner.

Wear the vibrator on a night out and play with yourself, or go on a romantic date with your spouse and let them decide how excite you get. It’s never been more fun to go out. Feelztoys Panty Vibe for sensual pleasure is perfect for exploring your sensuality. This sex toy is quite safe, as it is compose entirely of body-friendly silicone and is completely waterproof.

So you don’t have to be concern about getting wet, you can completely relax. The form is ergonomically engineer to be extremely comfortable to wear. You’re not aware of it until it begins to vibrate… Also crucial: the panty sensation is hush, so only you and your partner are aware of what’s going on inside you.

On a swinging evening, the vibrator may last up to 8 hours, giving you plenty of opportunities to occupy yourself. The remote control works up to 15 meters away, so there’s plenty of area for an action-pack, thrilling, and entertaining evening! Buy FeelzToys products online from Naughty Possessions! 

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