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Nipple Toys Guide

In this day and age-sex toys are no longer taboo. That’s why things such as BDSM nipple clamps are increasingly popular with lots of different versions available. A great toy for couples plays, nipple clamp toys are just as fun for solo arousal.

What are nipple clamps?

Simply put, nipple clamps are a form of sex toys that you attach to your or another person’s nipples. A particularly sensitive and erogenous zone for men and women, nipples can give countless hours of pleasure. Nipple clamps restrict the blood flow to the area which provides a pinching sensation. This nipple pinching sensation ultimately causes pain-pleasure feeling common during sex and, especially in a BDSM play. It can also look euphorically appealing to some. This toy can be used by any gender, regardless of your nipple size or breast size.

How to use a nipple clamps?

You may be wondering if nipple clamps hurt. Nipple clamps are an initial piece when entering pain play. So, you can expect a bit of a painful pinch, but it doesn’t have to be the winding, twisting, turning, gyrating, body writhing pain that you might be imagining unless you want it to be! Our latest collection of sex toys might interest you, visit now!

The closer you put them to the nipples the more pain you will feel. Placing them at the base or areola will give you less pinch and more tolerance. It should do a “warm-up” before applying the clamps. You can do this by pinching your nipples with your fingertips, rubbing, licking, and orbiting them. When the nipple clamps are attached be vigilant of any color changes on your nipples and do not leave them on for too long. You can also play with the chain and apply more pressure for added pleasure. Taking them off could be the most painful, this is temporary and normal.


Choosing the right size

There aren’t too many sizes to choose from when it comes to nipple clamps as most of them are universal. However, some provide the user with stronger pain than others. If you are new to nipple clamps, then it should start with adjustable clamps to begin with. This way you can start with only light pinches and then move to stronger levels if you feel comfortable. Magnetic clamps or orbs can be very strong and are usually just for advanced users, but if you really wish to start with them, we would recommend the small ones.

Choosing the right material

The most common material for nipple clamps is metal. Metal nipple clamps can’t lose shape or bend and provide the strongest sensation by far. If you have any skin allergies or sensitivity to metal, you can go for clamps with rubber tips instead. There are also some chains that made from rubber, although most of them you will find to be metal. Nipple to clit tweezers sets are quite popular too, and some nipple clamps can also be connected to mouth gags.

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