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Sex Toy Guides
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How to Choose Your First Sex Toy?

If you experimenting with sex toys for the first time, it can be hard to know where to begin. This guide explains about different sex toys we will tell you How to Choose Your First Sex Toy? and will help you in choosing the perfect one for you.

Whether you want to start off small with a bullet vibrator or fancy trying an anal sex toy, we’ve used our customer reviews to select the best beginners’ toys for you to try.

Regardless if you’re buying for yourself or someone else, it’s always good to do a bit of research into the different sex toys on offer before you buy the one best suited.

All the different options can get confusing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking to find out How to Choose Your First Sex Toy? and what is the best vibrator to fit your needs. You’re in luck as our Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys will teach you the basics.

Looking for a quick Start Sex Toy’s Starter Kit? Try Naughty Possessions I Sex USB Vibrating Massage Starter Kit perfect to get you going.

As there’s such a huge range of sex toys available, you’re guaranteed to be able to find something that suits your tastes and your body, and there’s always something new and exciting to experiment with. From vibrators, to buzzing wands that feel truly magic. Perhaps a stylish, ergonomically-designed massagers made to slip, slide and glide all over the body, spreading delectable sensations here, there, and everywhere – is more your thing.

When you’re purchasing your first sex toy, your budget will probably be the biggest factors in selecting the perfect toy. Get discount up to 50%!!

How to Choose Your First Sex Toy? Beginning with a less expensive sex toys is a good way to experiment, but just getting the cheapest thing in the sale without thinking about if it’s right for you may lead to disappointment. Remember to look at reviews as well as price in order to get value for money.

Luxury sex toys, really are worth the extra spend; they’re made from better quality materials, they’ll last longer and they are usually rechargeable so you can recoup the cost of batteries.

However, it’s sensible to know what you like before you splash out on any toy especially if you want it for the long haul. Visit our latest toy collection.

We’ve put together some tips to help you choose the perfect sex toy for you! When you’ve spotted a toy in your budget that tickles your fancy, check the details on the product page for more information

The look, size, shape and feel of your sex toy makes a big difference. Also, you need to think about power.

Measuring up: Find out how big that toy is. More importantly as well as the overall length remember to consider width, as the circumference (which is measured at the widest girth of the toy). Will this be a comfortable fit for you? We offer the best toys with free shipping!

Feel and Material: A toy can look firm in the product picture, when it’s actually a flexible friend. Check the details of the material specifications, and make note if you can take the toy into the bathroom for underwater play – submersible toys are also usually easier to keep clean.

Here are three main types of materials used in vibrators.

  • Vibrators– They are hard, which makes them excellent for more targeted stimulation of the clitoris or G-spot. With this material, it’s all about precision.
  • Rubber or jelly vibrators– delivering something a little softer. Rubber or jelly is a skin-safe material that you can squash under your fingers. It’s commonly used in Rampant Rabbits or finger vibrators as the material allows the vibrations to travel further.
  • Silicone vibrators– silicone is a top choice for premium vibrators, and there’s a reason why. It’s silky smooth to the touch and warms to body temperature quickly – it makes for a hot experience every single time. As always, the wetter the better, so check which lube we advise for use with your new vibe.

Power and speed: Just as they come in all different shapes and sizes, vibes will also come with different vibration settings. They range from a slight ‘oh so satisfying’ to a ‘put some music on to cover your moans,’ all the way to the ‘need a day or two to get over this’ off-the-scale type level.

Check exactly what types of vibration are available and How to Choose Your First Sex Toy?, as well as what type of power the toy takes and what batteries you need for hours of fun. Choose your one from our latest collection!

Volume and discretion: One of the side-effects of that powerful buzz is the sound. If you’re looking to be discreet there are plenty of options available to you.

Charging and stamina: When it comes to powering up your toys, there are three options available: battery-powered, mains-powered and rechargeable. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so the best one for you will depend on what you find the most practical. Find standard vibrators!

Battery powered toys are typically the cheapest, and when they go flat you can instantly push in some new ones – providing you have the right batteries lying around – and carry on playing.

Always forgetting to pick up extra batteries? Then a rechargeable toy might be a better alternative for you. Plug it into your laptop, surf the web for a bit then you’ll be powered up for playtime. USB charging toys can be more expensive, but you don’t have to spend on batteries in the long run and they can be quieter or more powerful than their battery-operated counterparts. However, if you forget to charge things up, then waiting for some juice can be a mood killer.

Last, but not least, we come to mains-powered toys. They eliminate all the issues of flat batteries and charge waiting time, but you have to be careful not to stray too far from a plug socket. If that’s not an issue, then you’re in for a serious treat, as mains-powered toys pack some powerful vibes. Of course, they’re not waterproof.

5 product suggestions for total beginners

Bullet Vibes

This is an affordable introduction to external vibration. It can add to a solo session or be used on the clitoris during penetrative or oral sex. It’s discreet, not intimidating, and can be an easy add-on to try out alone or with a partner. The Bmine classic curve 76cm shaft and curved tip is great for pinpointing pleasure zones such as the clitoris, nipples, perineum head of the penis and any other erogenous zones that the user desires. Find the best bullet vibes!

Good Vibes

Vibrators, also known as vibes, are a perfect starting point for the eager sex toy apprentice. There are a few different kinds of vibrators but some, such as shaft vibrators and wand massagers, can pack a serious punch so you may want to work your way up to them. Save these for later, when you’ve become a full-blown sex toy addict. For newcomers to the sex toy game we recommend our beginners Rabbit. Turn shower time into play time with the Beginners Rabbit vibe. The smooth sensuous head and bumpy base provide pleasant internal stimulation whilst the flickering rabbit teases and stimulates your clit.

Cock Rings

You don’t have to play alone when it comes to sex toys. Unlock the bedroom fun with some couples playtime. Cock rings are the perfect beginner’s sex toy for couples for a whole host of reasons. They keep your man harder for longer; it slows him down and keeps him in the moment, and stimulates your clit at the same time. Everybody wins. We recommend our Oxballs Cocksling cock and ball ring for beginners. The shape of this well-made sling enables you to come without that pinched feeling a cock ring can sometimes give.

Once you can both handle the simple, stretchy styles, why not step up your game? Vibrating cock rings will send shivers down your man’s spine while the attached bullet works your clit like a vibe. A quick upgrade of rings and you’ll be committed to better sex for the rest of your life. Get amazing offers with free delivery.

Anal Toys

Now you have a pretty good grasp of the ins and outs of sex toys, it’s time to switch up a gear. If you’ve made it this far through the guide, then you’re ready to explore anal toys.

If the idea of playing with this bodily region gets you excited but you don’t know where to begin, anal beads and butt plugs are a great place to start. These are perfect for both solo and couples play alike. Naughty Possession’s’ UR3 Anal Dong with a blush color, is ultra-realistic, textured, soft and a stylish number perfect for beginners. Once you’re ready for a more advanced level, prostate massagers or strap-on dildos are ideal for switching up the gender roles. Get amazing offers with free delivery.

Male Masturbators

We haven’t forgotten you boys – you have options too. We’ve got plenty of male sex toys just waiting for you to explore. We’ve already discussed the two: cock rings and anal toys, but if you’re looking to intensify your solo missions, then male masturbators are your new best friend. Discover the sensation of aero stimulation. Breath taking stimulation time and time again with our recommended Air Tech Cup Masturbator.

Skin-soft sleeves, vibrating options and plenty of discretely-disguised designs, these toys will amp up your pleasure in ways you never thought possible by your own hand. We also stock a range of penis pumps and extenders for that extra inch when you need it! Get amazing offers with free delivery.

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