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The g-spot is the epicenter for some pretty powerful orgasms. However, many women have never had the opportunity to experience such explosive g-spot stimulated orgasms. The g-spot vibrator is a toy created to do exactly that – ensure that the g-spot experiences an intense sensation that will have your body responding with a powerful orgasmic release. There are many different g-spot vibrators on the market that this guide gives you a breakdown of what’s available sex toys so that you can make the best purchase for you.

What Is The G Spot and Where Is It Located?

The G-Spot, aka Grafenberg spot, can be found behind the clitoris, inside the vagina. The best way to describe it is sort of like an extension or root of the clitoris. This bundle of nerve endings is a pleasure playground. When stimulated the g-spot can increase sexual excitement, produce stronger orgasms, and in some cases can even lead to female ejaculation. Female ejaculation is where the vagina releases fluid before or during climax sometimes known as ‘squirting’.

It is usually located between 5-8 cm inside on the top wall of the vagina, the G-spot is not the easiest target to reach. This is why many sex toy companies have designed dildos, vibrators, and other accessories specifically for G-spot stimulation.

Before using a g-spot vibrator we advise that you try to find your g-spot. This will make it easier to stimulate with a sex toy when you know where it is. Begin by exploring your body with your fingers, trying to find an area that feels more sensitive than other parts. Where these nerve endings are will vary from person to person so you will need to find where it is on your own body. As you get closer your levels of sensitivity should increase. Check out some of our amazing products Furthermore, as you become more and more aroused you should feel your g-spot getting larger, making it easier to locate. If you are having problems finding it or would like to increase its sensitivity then why not try a bit of Stimulating Gel, which is designed to stimulate the g-spot for you. 

G-Spot Toys

So how do you find the right device? It’ll be a bit of trial and error. There are tons of different types of toys that can help tip you over the edge and give your fingers a rest.

Any tailored to hit the g-spot will have a noticeable curve throughout the top 1-3 inches – perfectly positioned to hit you in the right way during insertion. The key to pleasurable stimulation for many women is the consistency of motion and gradually escalating of speed or pressure.

Vibrators are also suitable for this task as they have a range of motions and patterns that can be easily be ramped up or turned down. This is particularly useful as a g-spot orgasm may take longer than you’re used to comparing with a clitoral-based climax.

Many of our Rabbit Vibrators have a curve in the shaft sufficient for the direct simultaneous pleasure of your internal and external pleasure spots.

Before you begin, ensure that you are adequately aroused. If you are with a partner, take part in some intense foreplay to get your body ready. For those indulging in a solo session, take your clit vibe for a spin to ensure that you are prepared for intense penetrative action.

Apply a generous amount of lube to the g-spot vibrator and the opening of your vagina. Once you are in the right position, insert the vibrator inch by inch until it fully inserted. Turn it on and enjoy the powerful vibes that engulf your whole body.

G-Spot Orgasms and Squirting

It’s been a topic of discussion for years, with many women are actually able to ejaculate from internal stimulation. Not every g-spot orgasm results in ejaculation and you might ‘squirt’ without actually orgasming. You might not orgasm at all, but as long as you’re having fun, it’s all well and good!

Once you've found your g-spot and massage it in a rhythmic motion, you should start to notice that you feel the need to pee quite a lot. Don't worry; as long as you've been to the toilet beforehand, you won't.

Sometimes the feeling will go away and lead to a mind-blowing orgasm. Sometimes you’ll feel the need to push out with your pelvic floor and you’ll ejaculate. Some women ejaculate or ‘squirt’ really easily whilst others can have an orgasm but never produce any fluid. Check out some of our amazing products

The key thing to remember is that although there’s still discussion as to what exactly it’s made of. The liquid expelled when a woman ejaculates is not urine. If you want to try squirting, you or your partner should stimulate your g-spot with a sex toy until you feel the urge to pee.

Instead of clenching your pelvic floor muscles, push them out and you may squirt. If you don’t, don’t stress. Just relax into the feeling and enjoy the sensations.

G-Spot play can be intense to a sex toy and intimate activity. It’s certainly enhanced by including sex toys, so the key is to experiment and see what works for you.

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