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Better Sex
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Couples Sex Toy Guide

It’s always more fun when you play together and choose a couple of sex toys, right? Add new heights to your intimate sessions with your partner by introducing a range of pleasurable sex toys to your bedroom activities. 

There are loads of sex toys available, but the right sex toy for a couple play may be slightly different from any favorites you might have enjoyed on your own. Choosing to bring sex toys into your relationship can bring extra enjoyment as well as ample sensual and intimate sessions for you both. However, deciding the right sex toy may not be as easy as you may think. So whether you want to start off small, or you fancy trying something a bit more daring; Naughty Possession’s complete couple’s guide to sex toys, is here to help.

How to introduce sex toys into your relationship?

Talking is important in every relationship, particularly when it comes to sex, and may actually help you to become a stronger couple. Speaking about your likes and dislikes, what you’re curious about, and what really turns you on is not only useful for you both, but it can be a real boost to get you in the mood. Get Up to 50% off all sex toys!

Using sex toys is also a great way of adding a bit of variation into your sexual activities. If you've been together for a while, you might be concerned about things becoming a little stale, so sex toys are the best way to spice things up.


Many of the couple’s vibrator kits available are waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bath or shower as well as the bedroom. Remote control vibrators are an excellent sex toy for couple who like to take control and maximize the pleasure experienced without touching. As men can be very visual when it comes to sex, he’ll l be aroused watching you writhe beneath him as he controls your pleasure.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, it can take its toll on many couples – as the anticipation of seeing them builds, so does the enthusiasm for play. For those who simply can’t wait, there’s now a range of sex toy couple can use to satisfy one another despite the distance. It doesn’t matter if you’re three meters away or an entire ocean apart, this toy promises to connect you on an intimate level.

Sensual Massage

Massaging is a very popular method of foreplay that most of us will have tried at some point. Massage oils are a must – avoid body lotion as they absorb quickly and will interrupt the momentum of your message. Oil-based solutions are best as they’ll have a good consistency and won’t ruin sheets, towels, or clothes

Be sure to take it slow and sensual. So many people rush through massages – give the muscles time to warm up by stroking them softly all over, before applying additional pressure. 

Cock Rings

The general use of a cock rings is to hold blood in the shaft of the penis making everything feel twice as sensitive.

Plain or vibrating? Either can deliver endless pleasure. A plain cock ring will create enough pressure on the penis to give you an earth-shatteringly great orgasm. However, the vibrating cock rings come with a bullet attached or built-in. This is added pleasure for both of you as the external bullet is excellent for clitoral stimulation. Our vibrating cock rings will not only get him hard and keep him hard but are a great way of giving you both intense pleasure.


Couples who are looking to try out restraints need to know that the use of restraints isn’t just having sex tied down, but about trust and experimentation. The best way to start is to use the basic restraint materials – blindfolds handcuffsand silk ties.

To add a little more adventure to the experience how about adding an extra set to the ankles and thread them through the bed frame. Completely immobilize your partner making them entirely at your mercy.

Bed restraints are excellent for this type of sex play! Usually lightly padded for extra comfort, these are unlikely to break and are thicker and heavier to avoid cutting off circulation. They stay in place with buckles or Velcro, are easy to adjust, and can be taken off quickly. Attach the bed restraints to each corner of your bed, allowing you to explore every inch of your partner’s body. Perfect for someone who is looking to entice their senses with a little foreplay before jumping into the main event. Get up to 50% off on all bondage items!

Open the doors to a world of sexual enjoyment for both of you. Try something new from naughty Possessions and experience couples sex toys like never before!

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