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Sex Toy Guides
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Anal Sex Toy Guide for Beginners

Regardless of past stigma around anal sex toys, their popularity is on the increase – with people being less anal about it all. If you’ve always been intrigued about the feeling of being filled from behind, Naughty Possessions have put together this Anal Sex Toy Guide for Beginners to anal toys to pump-start your experience.

Anal Sex Toy Guide for Beginners – Want to add a little ping to your ring? If you thought only gay men enjoyed anal play, then you’re really behind with the times! It’s true that men have the benefit of having a prostate situated up there, which feels incredible when stimulated.

But why would so many women enjoy it if that was all there was to it? There are many sensitive nerve endings situated in your backside, all of which are asking to be tantalized and teased.

Anal play can also invigorate the back wall of a woman’s vagina. Sensations felt when using an anal sex toy simultaneously with penile or vaginal stimulation are phenomenal.

So prepare to discover an all new type of orgasm, one that is  more intense than you have ever experienced.

Safety First Anal Sex Toy Clean

You should know by now just how vital it is to keep all of your toys clean. Opt for a non-porous toy wherever possible, particularly if you are going to share. If your toy is porous, you may wish to use a condom; this will make clean-up easier too. In between uses sanitize thoroughly. You can find more info on how to clean and maintain your sex toys in our Sex Toy Cleaning and Care Guide

Anal Sex Toy Guide for Beginners – Preparation

Now be a good girl/boy scout and be prepared!

To ensure that things don’t get messy, there’s a small amount of preparation that should be done before you begin your anal play. Those on the receiving end should start off by having a rinse around their poop chute with mild soap and water. If somewhat more anal about cleanliness, you can opt for an enema/douche 3-4 hours beforehand.

Next, use an old towel or two and lay them underneath where you will be playing. This will prevent lubricant getting on anything that it shouldn’t. It’s also a good idea to have some damp wipes/cloths nearby.

Then it’s bottoms up and bums away! Get amazing offers on sex toys.

Warm Up

You’ll want your anal play to be successful, so the receiver needs to be totally relaxed – whether solo or with a playmate. Unlike vaginal muscles, the sphincter muscles take much more loosening up. Diving straight in without preparation will merely make the muscles tighten, possibly rendering anal play entirely impossible.

As with any sporting activities, a warm up is important. Begin with a sensual massage of the derriere. Massage those cheeks in a slow and sexy motion, giving them the care and attention they crave.

Then it’s time for your finger. Lube up your finger, slip and slide it partially into the ready and waiting hole. Massage slowly until you start to feel the muscles relax. Keep inserting the finger and massaging; this is also a good indication of Anal Sex Toy Guide for Beginners. It is imperative that nails are trimmed for this warm up; otherwise it could result in small tears and abrasions/fissures.

If playing with a partner, make sure you have discussed everything beforehand, and stop if your playmate feels uncomfortable at any time.

Types of Anal Sex Toys

When it comes to your rump; how do you like it done? Everyone has different tastes and luckily, when it comes to anal sex toys, there’s something that caters to them all. So, let’s explore your options so you know your dildos from your douches.

1st Type: Anal Beads

Anal bead toys are the easiest and most comfortable anal toy for beginners and regular anal players alike, the stimulating spheres typically graduate in size.

Anal bead toys can take the form of a ridged wand or a string of beads and come in a range of sizes and materials including metal, silicone and jelly. To start off with, we recommend opting for a toy with smaller beads to ease you in comfortably!

Whether used only for anal stimulus or introduced to solo play and intercourse, anal beads can intensify orgasms for both men and women. As you start to climax, pull the beads out to reach the height of pleasure.

Anal Dildos

It is true that most regular dildos can be used for anal play. But for those of you that are just starting out, these may be a bit too advanced. Opt instead for one that is specifically designed for anal play, as they are usually slightly narrower in size. Anal dildos are often shaped to stimulate the prostate gland or massage sensitive spots at the back of the vaginal wall, it’s easy to see why this popular sex toy is such a crowd pleaser.

Double ended dildos are versatile and stimulating. They can be used individually or with a partner. Excellent for both anal and vaginal penetration, there are various options to explore.

Anal dildos come in different shapes and materials, from glass to silicone, and offer a variety of sizing options. There are also anal vibrators available with various vibrating functions if you’re looking to get a little extra buzz from your play, and many have suction cups so you can enjoy an easy ride.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are really popular and much-loved amongst newbies and anal experts alike. They are typically design with a taper tip for easy insertion, followed by a wider body for a scintillating stretch.

Whether you’re looking for a small and discreet toy or something a little more advanced, we’ve got something for everyone with a range of vibrating, penetrating and even inflating butt plugs.

Butt plugs are also a useful way of stretching the anus to make way for something bigger, such as a dildo or penis, when you’re just starting to experiment with anal play. Take a look at our Guide to Butt plugs to find out more.

Douches and Enemas

Looking for clean bum fun? Then Investing in a douche or enema kit is what you have been looking for you’ve been looking for. These handy home kits give you a deep clean and provide a unique intense sensation in their own right.  Get offers on sex toys

These handy devises allow you to cleanse your anus by dispensing water into the rectum and eliminating any waste, leaving you totally fresh.

While anal douching may seem like a unnerving task, once you’ve tried it you’ll never look back! You never know there may just be a potential klismaphiliac hiding inside you.


Prostate Massagers

A prostrate massager is cleverly designed to seek out the prostrate and gently stroke it, providing intense and unbeatable stimulation. Packed with nerve endings to send you wild, the prostate is one of the most sensitive areas on the male body.

Many men describe a prostrate orgasm as the most powerful ever experienced, with spasms felt throughout the entire body. Situated around 2 inches inside the anus, it can be as difficult to locate and reach as the female G-spot! Thankfully, prostate massagers are precisely design to hit, massage and thrill this P-spot.

With many men reporting climax from prostate play alone, it isn’t to be missing! If you want to know more, take a look at our guide on sex toys for men.

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