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Sex Toy Guides
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The Best Dildo Guide

The Best Dildo Guide – Dildos are one of the most popular and recognizable types of sex toys available on the market. With many different options on offer, it can be confusing when trying to pick out the best one for you. Excellent for both men and women in couples or solo, they make versatile additions to your sex toy collection.

Naughty possession Guide

This Naughty possession Guides you to all types of dildos with a complete package that breaks down the different categories of dildos and their features, so you can choose the right one for you. Get hot offers in dildos with free delivery!

What Are Dildos?

Do dildos really need an introduction? If you’re intent on the oxford dictionary definition, then there are sex toys that are typically phallic in appearance and intended for sexual penetration or sexual activity with a sex partner or during solo play.

What makes a dildo great?

The things to look for in a dildo are; Comfort, hypoallergic materials, versatility, and a quality design.

While everyone will have different preferences, a longer dildo is going to suit most as it enables you to choose between shallow or deep penetration. Most dildos don’t vibrate, but this feature can greatly enhance the experience of using the toy.

Types of Dildos

Dildos have many different categories, the most out of any other sex toy. We’ll give you an overview of each type.

A complete guide to all types of dildos - Large Dildos
Large Dildos
Large dildos toys start off from around 6 inches and go all the way up to a foot – Yes, a FOOT! If you're new to this type of toy, it’s probably best to start with something small, however if you're an experienced fan then the extreme length and thick girth of a large dildo will be for you. If you like them big check out these dildos.
A complete guide to all types of dildos - Realistic Dildos
Realistic Dildos
If you're looking for lifelike stimulation through penetration, a realistic dildo may be the perfect sex toy for you. They’re averagely-sized and will be less than 8 inches in length. Realistic dildos are mould to look like a real penis with all the veins, textures and protruding head of a lifelike erection. These dildos are available in a variety of lengths, girths, and colors that are all designed to copy the real thing as closely as possible. A wide selection of different materials is also available.
A complete guide to all types of dildos - Strap On or Harness Dildos

Strap on or Harness Dildos

Anyone can take charge with a strap-on dildo. They’re the perfect penetrative play toy for same-sex and straight couples alike. They are a great way to take anal play to the next step if you’re looking to try something new. Strap-ons are popular in bondage and BDSM play, especially if you’re dipping your toe in the waters of role reversal.

 Check out our Female Guide to Strap-ons. If you’re already the proud owner of a dildo, then all you need is a harness to get you ready for action. Most of the harnesses on Naughty Possessions will fit just about any dildo.

A complete guide to all types of dildos - Anal Dildo

Anal Dildo

Anal toys add a whole new level of sensations, whether you’re playing alone or with your partner. For men, the main event is the prostate – the male G-spot, which can only be reached by anal penetration. For women – it’ll hit nerve endings like never before stimulating you in new and exciting ways.

The most important difference is that with anal toys is that you should make sure you choose ones with a flared base. Without anything to stop them from slipping up inside, toys that aren’t designed for anal have an unfortunate tendency to get stuck. Decide on what you’re comfortable with, try the key is to start small, work your way up, and follow our beginner’s anal sex guide closely.

A complete guide to all types of dildos - Double Dildos

Double Dildos

Sharing is caring. Double dildos are perfect for sharing with a partner or indulging in double penetration during solo play.  Erotic and experimental, If you’re part of a straight couple, these toys let the man double-penetrate his woman with ease.

For same-sex couples looking to play nicely and cum together, double-ended dildos are a great option. Get 15% off on strap on dildos!

Our designs can be used to take both you and your partner to new heights of simultaneous satisfaction. Usually made of silicone or rubber so they are flexible and can be moved and manipulated into different shapes to adapt to a variety of sexual positions. As thy say two heads are better than one!

Suction Dildos
Designed for hands-free play that enables you to ride and grind for dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Suction dildo look like regular dildos, but the main difference is they have a strong suction cup at the base. Attach it to any smooth, flat surface like a hard floor, tile wall or bathtub for hours of pleasurable fun. Visit our latest dildo collection!


Don’t worry, they’re made to not be broken and can even be used with temperature sensation play. Glass dildos are pleasing to the eye, and they feel as good as they look. If you want something a little firmer, it doesn’t get better than this. It’s also perfect for stimulating the g-spot without any vibrations.


These bad boys can be heated up under running water, or cooled in the freezer if you’re tempted to dabble in sensations play – something you won’t get from other kinds of dildos. No matter how much you use it, a glass dildo will serve you through years of wear and tear and, because it’s non-porous, it’s super easy to clean.



Not just for the advanced players – metal dildos may be a bit heavier and more stiff, but they look good and feel incredible. They’re as smooth as silk and pleasantly cool, perfect for an easy ride. If you’re a beginner looking to take your solo play to the next level, don’t be afraid of investing in one of these beauties.

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